The 2017 WAMA nominated mobile content channel-MafrikTV has premiered weekly Facebook yoruba drama series “KADARA” for their West African Market. The channel which was launched in 2015 as music video streaming channel on Tuluntulu app has grown over the years to now incorporate more local African film content.According to Mr Dan Akinlolu , the founder of MafrikTV and Grey Consortium he confirmed that it is essential to create content that has special interest especially for Migrants in South Africa, “ I am of the strong opinion that West Africa especially Nigeria is a very strong content market to contend with and over the years we have evolved to see how we can approach and cater for that special market.I don’t want to exaggerate our capacity,please note that we are still growing and evolving to accommodate mistakes, trials and growth.We are still looking for our digital content market share especially that social media has tremendously changed the way we consume content.”
Mr Dan Akinlolu who is also the founder of Grey Consortium opine that at the moment they are growing MafrikTV facebook page with archival and old content before the original production fully kicks in knowing fully well that quality content is expensive especially that he wants to be able to sustain MafrikTV facebook page followers. “ Imperfect as our content may look like at the moment, the truth is we have over a hundred hours of old content from West African especially Yoruba and English content that were shot on cheap but the available film gears way back 8-10 years ago,but the storylines are very interesting and our viewers find them intriguing especially if it is about Nigerian migrants living abroad, and as such we are planning more cinematic content possibly in 4K that will cover years ahead from that perspective. Please grow with us and keep watching MafrikTV facebook page there is more to come.
You can reach Mr. Dan Akinlolu at: or whatsapp call: 073.792.3558, and also join our Facebook group page – to watch MafrikTV on your phone.

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